30 set 2020

Innovation, Quality and a very short supply chain to reduce CO2 emissions

Borass Srl an innovative Start-Up that deals with the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value for the Food & Beverage area launches the “Club of Food & Beverage Producers”

club dei produttori


Our innovative solution solves 3 problems:

1. Italy is defined underdeveloped in Digital (The European Digital Index places Italy in 24th place out of 28 in the ranking of EU member states)

2. Italian excellences in food & beverage are under attack from multinationals and large-scale distribution, with the risk of moving from quality production to quantity production, downsizing the Made in Italy brand ”

3. A long agro-food supply chain and quantity production produces an increase in intensive cultivation and a greater use of polluting chemicals and CO2

In recent years, Italy has achieved important goals in terms of environmental sustainability (fonte Manifesto della Green Economy):

  • the production of renewable energy of agricultural origin increased from 6 to 7.8 million TOE between 2010 and 2012;
  • it reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10 Mton CO2Eq from 1990 to 2013 and is responsible for 7.1% of national greenhouse gas emissions;
  • recorded a decrease in the consumption of pesticides, which went from 11.2 kg / ha in 2010 to 9.2 in 2013;
  • 10% of the Italian agricultural area is occupied by organic crops (1.3 million hectares);
  • Italy is second in Europe for organic crops immediately after Spain.


Our “Green Economy” solutions for the Italian Excellence of Food & Beverage:

Adopt the vision of the green economy to ensure a sustainable and quality development of agri-food production, which allows to produce the food necessary for present and future generations, adequate income for farmers, employment and ecological quality of products and cultivation methods .

  • How? Not following the example of large-scale distribution and marketplaces, that is, by imposing the selling price of the products on farmers

Coordinate multifunctionality with the priority of food production to improve the supervision and care of the territory.

  • How? By activating a digital communication channel for these businesses in which chefs make video recipes with local products that “were thought” to have disappeared. This favors a gastronomic and food culture.

Implement mitigation and adaptation measures to the climate crisis. Agriculture can make an important contribution to the mitigation of the climate crisis, both by absorbing greenhouse gases and by reducing emissions. It is also necessary to strengthen and extend adaptation measures, accelerating the spread of agronomic actions and practices capable of increasing the resilience of agriculture to climate change:

  • How? Helping quality agro-food production makes it possible to recover ancient productions that favour more resistant plant varieties, the systematic reintegration of organic matter into the soil and water saving measures.

Overcoming agricultural models that are no longer sustainable and promoting the dissemination of good practices.

  • How? Supporting Quality at the expense of Quantity alone. We interview farmers, create their profile to show their crops, initiatives and works to a wide audience in order to make them participate in a healthy and balanced world

Protect food safety, strengthen controls and short supply chains.

  • How? By focusing on traceability, strengthening the short agri-food chains and local productions. Our innovative process aims to help farmers and food producers get directly to the tables of our community foodie

Stop food waste, ensure the circularity of the economy of agri-food resources.

  • How? The video recipes of our contests are designed to optimize the use of products from the “Producers Club”. The producers and our cooks produce web content aiming to offer: suggestions on how to limit food waste as much as possible, advice for conservation, balanced recipes

Stop the threats of land abandonment. Agricultural land is a non-replaceable natural capital, it must be preserved because it is a strategic green infrastructure.

  • How? Create interest in the opportunities that agri-food offers to the new generations. Rediscover this work through the eyes of the producers of our Club, through the flavors of the earth.

All this thanks to the interaction of our portals: Fight Eat ClubClub dei Produttori e Professione Food. Our business model at a glance:


revenues borass


Business Model

Fight Eat Club is the first online challenge portal between Amateur Chefs, who to win prizes and get visibility on Professione Food create video content on the Food theme, they #SHARE them to get views and votes that allow them to obtain paid collaborations, moreover to participate in the Contests they buy the food and wine products of the companies associated with the Producers Club (Club dei Produttori). The latter by adhering to an innovative Programmatic Advertising tool obtain the sale of their products online, the increase of their social visibility, and continuous food-themed video content for the web created by our community of amateur cooks, aspiring professionals, chefs).


info & contact: antonio@fighteatclub.com